A factory and an oak tree

The task was to transform a multi-ship typical AB prefabricated structure, which ideally corresponds to the future production process, from a building structure into an architectural one. The administrative part of the industry, but also the overall appearance of the structure of enormous dimensions is what was expected of us. Contextually, one big oak was an intriguing factor from which the architectural story started and where we will end it.

Thermoflux Jajce

Based on the project task and the existing bases for the industrial complex Thermoflux, a conceptual solution was made for the construction of an administrative building with exhibition space. Given the urban layout of the existing production facilities and the planned construction of new facilities - high-bay warehouse and two-storey garage, the construction of this facility should define the complex as a whole.

Banja Tuzla

Given the irregularity of the stamp both horizontally and vertically, the architectural task was to develop the design in the direction of an adopted architectural element that is applicable to the entire building and which will be read on the building as a continuous pattern. Since the main facade of the building is southwest, the problem of sun protection had to be solved in the same context.