Banja Tuzla

Given the irregularity of the stamp both horizontally and vertically, the architectural task was to develop the design in the direction of an adopted architectural element that is applicable to the entire building and which will be read on the building as a continuous pattern.

Since the main facade of the building is southwest, the problem of sun protection had to be solved in the same context.

Appreciating that the aesthetic element is only justified if it is functional, we found the solution in the envelope of the facade, which with its regular oblique elements forms a softened and running line of terraces-loggias horizontally. Vertically, these sloping surfaces become an ideal place for vertical folding chests-shutters, which are arranged in the correct order. In this way, the entire facade on both lamellas becomes a curtain that binds aesthetically, protects from the sun and the view if necessary, and by possibly moving the shutters to different positions, constantly gives a new image or dynamics to the whole neighborhood.

This adopted idea also resulted in the basic material, which is light wood or wooden decor in a compact panel. Apart from the very warm visual effect, which will give the whole neighborhood a completely different experience, it is also a material that is applicable both on full surfaces and on the shutters, and the building is packed in a minivan, which was the goal. The volumes of the attic are consciously dark cubes, which as a “house on house” structure deliberately tell a new story.

And the third element is the color of the atrium which in our case is the color of the sun and it defines the courtyard.

An important element of the concept is the two-storey opening in the facade of the atrium. In addition to visually opening the yard to the tennis courts and the green scarp, it marks the covered place of the entrance to the slats, and the terrace on the first floor with a two-sided view allows neighbors to socialize, enjoy tennis, etc. and ventilate the yard.

In order to maintain the transparency of the atrium towards the tennis courts, and to functionally use a very limited part of the stamp, there are also vertical transparent communications.

In principle, the building is treated as a "green" building and in accordance with advanced construction trends. The use of green terraces and flat terraces with trees in large pots, which make the building a small green oasis, is the ultimate goal. All attics that are two-storey are dark cubes that have greenhouses and amazing views as well as the predisposition that customers can take advantage of sloping covers in the future and equip them with FOTOVOLTIK panels. 

All of the above, in principle, refers to both variants, while some expected differences occur in the architectural disposition.