Thermoflux Jajce

Based on the project task and the existing bases for the industrial complex Thermoflux, a conceptual solution was made for the construction of an administrative building with exhibition space. Given the urban layout of the existing production facilities and the planned construction of new facilities - high-bay warehouse and two-storey garage, the construction of this facility should define the complex as a whole.

A very specific setting of the complex in the height depression with access from the lower, shorter side to the production, and from the upper, higher side to the administrative building, was the starting point of the analysis for the proposal of the architectural solution. The only free, undeveloped area is within the industrial circle, so the only realistic option was to develop the new building structure on the principle of "bridge". In other words, the facility begins to develop from the existing administration, from a higher level, passes orthogonally over the existing production and the main road which is the only access to the circle and then lowers to the ground and is located longitudinally next to the road. This enables a smooth process of the function of the new warehouse and manipulative space on the one hand, and the production process with all its needs, on the other hand.

In the organizational and functional sense, most of the building was at the level of production, which caused the main entrance to the building to be located on the new ground floor. The new main entrance required a solution for a parking space for the administration and guests. The configuration of the outdoor space imposed a parking solution under part of the new warehouse as a meaningful solution. The canopy between the parking lot and the new ground floor provides a comfortable entrance to the new building. The new building has three floors, with the second floor of the new building crossing as a "bridge" to the old administration and entrance. This whole floor is a showroom and in this way it can be approached from two sides. The main entrance is the new hall on the new ground floor and the secondary entrance as well as the entrance for installers and service technicians is the old entrance to the administration. This floor will be specially treated in the interior.

The special feature of this floor is its volume differentiation as well as the catering content-restaurant with an outdoor covered terrace that allows a view of the entire production and the environment. The main ground floor consists of an open hall and part of the administration. The hall is open vertically and the goal is to give the sculptural staircase an indication of some beautiful happenings on the next floor-showroom. In addition to the info desk and vertical communications, the ground floor also houses the warehousing administration offices as well as the development engineering departments in the background - mechanical and electrical departments. These departments are accompanied by a small and a large hall, with the small one next to the hall for practical reasons.

On the third floor are designed offices of management with all necessary facilities. The entire hall is open vertically and with sculptural staircases gives a stamp to the building and additional light is achieved through the top skylight.