The House of Mišljen

A small family house in Puhovac, where the stećak tombstone of Gosta Mišljen was found, built in the 1960s, was planned to be reconstructed. Initially an imaginary project, it went in a completely different direction when it turned out that the floor was structurally scattered, but made of the best brick from that time, that the storehouse was made of stone when the layers of cracked plaster were removed. On the same magaza, a new house was built - of the same dimensions, but with a modern interpretation of the Bosnian house. Recycled brick materials, oak beams are now getting a new function, and the house from medieval Bosnia, Bogumil, is becoming a reference point of our beginnings when the house was in shape. Around the central firebox with an open space to the top of a solid hipped roof. In the later period, the house developed an entrance for the males and an intimate-female courtyard. And so, unintentionally, the House of Misljen was created with all the layers that are very easy to read. And it very simply becomes a house for writers given the publishing activity of the owner.


    Puhovac, Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina


    reconstruction and upgrade of a house


    200 m2

  • YEAR

    2018 - 2021.


    in the implementation phase